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Ben McDougal is a tech founder, multimedia marketer, ecosystem builder and inspired author in the connected era.

Ben evolves ideas into reality and accelerates others through the art of connection. He believes that nobody cares about your great ideas. They only care how you make ideas happen. Ben McDougal's portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures include:

2004 - Iowa 3v3 Soccer Challenge
< SOLD >
2006 -
Jet Set Studio - video game events
2007 - The Hunt Zone
< SOLD >
2012 -
FliteBrite - craft beer technologies
2020 -
OpenOpen - open house scheduler
2020 - Brand-New Book

Ben also caffeinates entrepreneurial ecosystems through the nationwide movement called
1 Million Cups. After leading the Des Moines, Iowa community for five years, Ben now collaborates with the Kauffman Foundation as the @1MCMidwest Regional Rep. This leadership role supports, connects and inspires volunteer 1MC organizers from 50+ communities throughout 12 different states!

Alongside these entrepreneurial adventures, Ben retired from his web development career after 10 years and has been behind the innovative marketing at Drake Homes since 2013.

Ben creates positive change and has achieved career nirvana. He also enjoys travel, golf, Seth Godin, electronic dance music, wine, pinball, poker, sparkling water, making nice things look nice and spending treasured time with his wife and daughter. May the best of your todays, be the worst of your tomorrows. Cheers!